Books, Games and Tools

This list is a great resource for both nature reference books, books for children and nature themed games. This section will be updated as useful resources are found.

Reference Books

  • A Guide to Backyard Birds of Eastern North America; Mass Audubon, 1996
  • Bugology, Bonnie Drexler, New England Wildflower Society, 2004
  • Butterflies, Peterson Field Guides for Young Naturalists, Jonathan Latimer, Karen Stray Nolting; Holton Mifflin, 2000
  • Caterpillars, Peterson Field Guide for Young Naturalists, Jonathan Latimer, Karen Stray Nolting; Holton Mifflin, 2000
  • Childhood and Nature, David Sobel: Stenhouse Publishers, 2008
  • Growing Up Wild; Exploring Nature with Young Children; Council for Environmental Education 2009
  • Nature With Children of All Ages, Edith Sisson; Mass Audubon, Prentice Hall, 1982
  • Project Seasons; Hands-On Activities for Discovering the Wonders of the World, Deb Parella; Shelburne Farms; 1995
  • Small Wonders: Nature Education for Young Children, Linda Garrett, Hannah Thomas; Vermont Institute of Natural Science, 2006
  • The Curious Naturalist, 2nd edition, John Mitchell; Mass Audubon, 1996
Books For Children
  • Created by a six-year-old, The Ladybug Game is a perfect game for a rainy day. It brings the garden inside with colorful characters like a lady bug named Ella Yellow, Tommy Teal and a Praying Mantis, the Aphids, and the three lazy Ants. Our family loves to play this game!
Tools The Brock Magiscope is a must have. Made in America it is the most sturdy, high quality piece of equipment for budding naturalists we could find. Needing no electricity and being so simple to use, adults and children will never get bored discovering with this tool!!