Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Close Look at a Cranberry Bog

I am always fascinated by Cranberry Bog's. Cranberries are one of the only three fruits that are native to North America, they grown in the wild on long vines in sandy bogs and marshes. In the U.S., Wisconsin is the leading producer of cranberries, responsible for half of the U.S. production. Massachusetts is the second largest U.S. producer, small volumes of production occur in Southern Argentina, Chile, and the Netherlands.  It is fascinating to visit a bog throughout the year to view how this tasty fruit is harvested. In New England, during the Fall, the bog is flooded with up to 18 inches of water the night before the berries are to be harvested. Each berry has a tiny pocket of air that allows it to float to the surface of the water.

The Nature Trail and Cranberry Bog at Patriot Place is home to the last remaining active cranberry bog in the town of Foxborough, MA. You can witness the bog throughout the year to learn about the cycle of a cranberry, we visited in the beginning of April. We are excited to go back in the fall to see the bog as it becomes harvest time. 

The trail is a half-mile trail through a working cranberry bog, wetland pond, and woods. The bog itself is a 32-acre cranberry wetland system with paved trails through a protected habitat with native wildlife. 

It is located at the south entrance of Patriot Place, just before Bass Pro Shops. Follow signs for “The Nature Trail at Patriot Place." Admission is free. The trail is open from dawn to dusk. 

Our Aussie enjoying Bass Pro Shop
Dogs are allowed on the trail, they are also welcomed at the Bass Pro Shop, Bass Pro Shop hosts special Dog Day events. 

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