Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Maple Sugar Time in New England!!

Mom the buckets are filling, the buckets are filling!! I heard an excited voice call to me from across the woods. Throughout New England from the beginning of February to around the end of April, trees are being tapped and buckets are over flowing with the sweet sap that becomes New England's world renowned maple syrup! New England generates close to  500,000 gallons of maple sugar per year, Vermont is the largest producer, New Hampshire produces approximately 90,000 gallons followed by Massachusetts who produces about 50,000 gallons. Maine and Connecticut produce as well. If you live in New England or are planning a trip to the area, include a maple sugaring event!

New England Maple Sugaring Events:


Mass Audubon Maple Sugaring Events
Old Sturbridge Village Maple Days

New Hampshire


  • The Maple Syrup Book, Janet Eagleson and Rosemary Hasner
  • The Maple Sugar Book: Together With Remarks on Pioneering As a Way of Living in the Twentieth Century (The Good Life Series), Helen and Scott Nearing  
Childrens Books:
  • Maple Syrup Season, Ann Purmell
  • Sugaring, Jessie Haas

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